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Saxondale, I Salute You

November 14, 2011

At the behest of Shannon, I recently began watching Steve Coogan’s British comedy series Saxondale, wondering to myself why he thought I’d find it intriguing.

Tommy and Magz

An aging rock and roll roadie with anger management problems trying to relive the glory days while dispensing unsolicited and sometimes bizarre advice to friends and colleagues. Gee, I wonder why I would identify? Perhaps that fiery dossier on me that he keeps locked up in the metal file cabinet is worth finding and destroying, eh?

A nearly-unrecognizable Coogan, under a wild, untamed gray mane and beard, is Tommy Saxondale, a former rock roadie who is now king of a pest control empire. He has a deep love for his girlfriend Magz (Ruth Jones, a beautiful woman of large proportions) and a thing for vintage American muscle cars.

His misadventures lasted only two seasons, but why that is I have no idea. This Britcom is uproariously funny and the real relationships between flawed people are wonderfully portrayed. Whether he’s shooting pigeons with a pellet gun in the company of his weak-willed assistant or fighting to keep civil liberties between stints at his local anger management meetings, it stays fast-moving and hilarious straight through.

At the heart of the series is the bond between Saxondale and Magz, which sees all the ups and downs as she muddles through his sometimes insufferably long-winded  rants. But like unlike most blowhards, he’s got something powering the wind machine that is usually worth listening for.

The thing I love about Magz is that she’s the heart of the show. I think they did a really great job developing her character. She fully embraces her body and a big part of the show has to do with how attracted Saxondale is to her and her sexually adventurous nature. Of course, she’s uproariously funny as well.

I give this one an A+.

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  1. hlkolaya permalink
    November 17, 2011 12:28 pm

    i’d totally watch if I didn’t have to endure pigeons being shot with a pellet gun.. @_o

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