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Ladies Night —

February 16, 2012

Tonight, Mamavation will be hosting another Twitter party on Strong4Life using the hashtag #ashamed. The wonderful Leah Segedie (@bookieboo) is the hostess with the mostest who will be leading the charge.

At their last S4L Twitter party, they had 544 concerned bloggers (mostly mommies, but the daddies like it too) participate and got over 23 million impressions on Twitter in one hour, which is amazing.

I will be participating and Leah said she will help us spread the word on our Carter’s boycott (speaking of which, please go send them a message on Facebook now).

And if you don’t think our collective actions are having an effect on Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Strong4Life, check this out:

Strong4Life is so afraid of our collective voices that they are attempting to wrangle their supporters to counter us this time. So, join us this evening and help send a strong message to Strong4Life and Carter’s that simply shifting their shame campaign to lower income neighborhoods is not acceptable.


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  1. Duckie Graham permalink
    February 16, 2012 1:15 pm

    I love that we’ve got them on the run! I can see it now…S4L is going to send a group of fat-bashing donkey-raping shit-eaters to the twitter party (later disowning them, of course), reinforcing our point, and raising the level of passion in the mama-rific troops until the stand against them will be even more super-awesome unrelenting. One thing I learned from growing up…don’t piss of the Mamas!

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