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Ethics and Morals —

March 22, 2012

The lesson I’m learning today is that while it’s perfectly acceptable to lie and misrepresent a conversation to portray a person as a racist, and that it’s okay to bully people into self-censorship of a nuanced blog post by Stacy Bias, it is completely unacceptable to use private conversations to prove a point.

Got it.

NOLOSE, you are a pathetic, shameless organization. You did nothing throughout the three months we’ve been working against Strong4Life, and now that it’s over you exploit our success to promote your agenda.


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  1. vesta44 permalink
    March 22, 2012 4:15 pm

    For those who think closed groups are safe spaces to talk about anything/everything:
    I’ve always said that if you don’t want anyone to see/hear your words, don’t write them down on paper, don’t record them, and don’t put them on the internet anywhere. Because those assurances of confidentiality? Don’t really mean shit. If it’s not a member of the group who reposts your words somewhere, it’s going to be the owner of the page or an advertiser or someone else. In spite of everything you think you know, there are no guarantees of confidentiality anywhere. If you don’t want your words seen/heard by anyone, don’t put them out there for anyone to see/hear, it’s as simple as that. And if you aren’t comfortable with the world seeing/hearing what you have to say, then maybe it’s better you keep it to yourself and not broadcast it for the world to see by putting it anywhere on the internet. The internet is not a forgiving place, nor does it forget. Something to think about, no?

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