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Honey Badger —

April 6, 2012

The litmus test for participation in this community is contribution. Are you contributing to the conversation or are you being an obnoxious shitstain with a compulsion for verbally abusing fat people?

And if you were actually interested in debating the science, you would already know that I’m perfectly comfortable confronting those who seem to have an actual, medical license, and will post an exhaustively cited explanation of my beliefs to further that discussion

What I won’t allow in this community is a forum for satisfying the sadistic fetish of a fat-hating half-wit and his huckster sidekick, Dr. Losenstein.

So, from here on out I am officially invoking an executive privilege to ban anyone I deem clear and present asshole. Anyone who wants to challenge our medical beliefs must do so respectfully, as opposed to jumping from semi-sincere question to this shit.

Since I am Chief Fatty, I will be the one determining whether someone is a clear and present asshole, and if you have a problem with my decision, you can jump up my butt.

This is our community, and we love debate and dialogue and differing opinions, but we will not tolerate unprovoked verbal abuse. I do believe in verbal self-defense, but nobody is obligated to allow stupidity to spoil the party.

I was tempted to write “ignorance,” but then I remembered Daryl Davis’ excellent metaphor (seriously, this video is great and you must watch) comparing ignorance to stupidity.

Ignorance is when you walk into a room and lean up against the wall and get wet paint on your hand.

Stupidity is when you walk into a room that is plastered with “Wet Paint” signs and somebody says, “Hey, watch out, wet paint” and you lean up against the wall and get wet paint on your hand.

Have an excellent weekend everyone, whether you’re celebrating Easter or Passover or the beautiful Spring weather.

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  1. JeninCanada permalink
    April 6, 2012 10:51 pm


  2. Lain permalink
    April 6, 2012 11:28 pm

    Hell yeah, Honey Badger! Crack that nut! 😀

    • April 6, 2012 11:41 pm

      It’s funny you should say that, and I’m not sure if you intended this or not, but when I lived in the dorm my freshman year at Mizzou, the 4th floor was sort of like a weird, dysfunctional family, and the other floors were kind of alien to us, although some of the people co-mingled with other floors. Anyway, we put up posters around the building for something, I don’t recall what, and somebody ripped them down and we learned that it was people on the 5th floor. So some friends of mine and I formed the Wild Honey Badgers of Boone County (where Mizzou is located). I chose the honey badger because I read something that was kind of like this description:

      This animal is very well known and respected in the African bush. They are very aggressive and have a tendancy to go for the genital area of would be attackers. There are stories of Honey badgers bringing down an adult wildebeest by attacking the genitals of the animal.

      So, it made me laugh that you chose that particular bit of phrasing. 😉


  3. vesta44 permalink
    April 7, 2012 12:30 am

    My thought has always been that ignorance is curable but stupidity is terminal (evolution would seem to bear this out).

  4. April 7, 2012 4:21 am

    Abusive trolls should be exposed to sunlight so they turn to stone. Then we can have them in our years for decoration. 🙂

    • lifeonfats permalink
      April 7, 2012 9:51 am

      Diann, instead of Weeping Angels, we can call the troll statues Weeping Idiots.

    • pyctsi permalink
      April 8, 2012 8:46 am

      Can we paint them bright colours and plant flowers in the gaping cavities that should house brains?

  5. April 7, 2012 2:00 pm

    Shannon, the way these so called doctors, or trolls claiming to be doctors, are acting. It’s almost starting to seem the best action would be just to ban anyone with an MD in their name. Just state, “We’re not banning doctors because we don’t want to hear the truth, we are banning them, because this site attracts a good number of condescending doctors who just come here to flaunt their “facts” and then abuse the posters here. If you are a doctor and want to join the discussion here, e-mail me your views. If you are willing to understand and accept HAES you will be allowed to join. It’s a travesty upon the medical profession, that so many doctors come here just to let off their off the clock abuse of fat patients. Doctors who feel so hostile towards fat people, should be fired. If you had a doctor that went around complaining about Black or Hispanic people all the time, it would be considered racist.

    Why is it okay then for doctors who walk around thinking horrible thoughts about fat people all the time acceptable? There are studies that show fat people cannot change their bodies, anymore than people can change their skin color. Only a anti-hippocratic doctor would suggest abusing a patient would accomplish something, they are acting against the tenants of first do no harm. Fat patients have avoided seeing the doctor, because they will be abused. Shall we record every condescending and abusive post from medical professionals on here, and present them as an example that the medical community is horrific towards fat people? Would that get the message across?

    Real doctors do not hate, they do not judge. Shannon has had enough of you so called professionals coming here, and presenting your testament to how the medical industry in the USA discriminates against fat people in a disgusting way. Gastric Bypass Surgery after all, is little more than medical experimentation. It’s making it so that person will look healthy, but be sick. When they were healthy and fat to begin with.

    There is a film called Anatomy, it discusses a society of doctors called the Anti-Hippocrates, who experiment on patients, and plastinate them alive. While the plastionation part of the film is an exaggeration, unfortunately it seems the medical experimentation is not. Fat people are the new Tuskagee Syphilis Experiment victims. Just like how Black people were experimented on by doctors because they were seen as less than human, fat people are now being experimented on and treated as less than human.

    When you post here demeaning fat people as a doctor, a person who is supposed to care for others, think about what that says about you. Fat people are terrified to go to the doctor, because they might be bullied into a surgery that could kill them. It’s absolutely the same as the Anti-Hippocrate doctors from Anatomy. You will justify it too. Like the dialogue during the credits of Anatomy, where a woman says she will go find a small town, and experiment with anesthesia on the patients there, because who’s going to miss them.

    By the way Anatomy was created in Germany, as a statement against Nazi Human Experimentation. I’m sure you can figure out what I’m implying by that.”

    I didn’t expect my rant to be so long, If you’d like to post it as an article, or as a warning to future doctor trolls feel free Shannon, just credit it to Jackie Yoshi.

    • April 7, 2012 4:08 pm

      Jackie, I think of WLS as being the modern equivalent of the clitoridectomies carried out on women to make them sexually ‘normal’ from the 1800s through to the 1930s. Or the leucotomies (aka ‘frontal lobotomy’) carried out on the brains of people with mental illness (and sometimes people who weren’t ill at all) in the 40s and 50s. Those were surgical procedures done to people perceived as socially inferior in order to ‘correct’ them, they were more down to the medical fashions of the time than any real evidence, and they caused real harm which is, nowadays, acknowledged.

      At some point in the future, I believe (well, I’d like to) that WLS – and the whole culture of urging the elimination of fat people, no matter what the cost to their health – will be similarly condemned. The doctors who support these ideas now had better be ready to stand up and be publicly shamed when that happens – if it happens within their lifetimes, and by Goddess I hope it does.

      • The Real Cie permalink
        April 9, 2012 2:37 pm

        You’ve got a point there!
        And the word “clitoridectomy” made my hand instinctively move protectively over my groin while my leg snapped into a front-kick position!

  6. Len permalink
    April 8, 2012 10:16 pm

    Confession: sometimes I love it when eejits troll, just because it’s so awesome when Shannon Chief Fatty gets all aerated. Love it! Is that wrong? …

    Keep with those magnificent well-aimed rages Chief, you may never know how it inspires me to stand up for myself against the bullies. Up the badgers!

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