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On Hold with Achka! and Dr. Arya Sharma

June 6, 2012

This is the interview that inspired the rest. After discovering Dr. Sharma’s blog, I desperately wanted to ask him more questions about obesity and health, so I asked Skorch if they’d be interested in a piece on Health at Every Size®.

Looking back there are a TON of questions I would ask Dr. Sharma about weight loss surgery, as I am not a fan of his stance on this subject. But Dr. Sharma included a lot of juicy quotes that provided a solid foundation on which I began digging into this subject deeper.

During this interview, we discuss the Edmonton Obesity Staging System, which you can read more about here.

I deeply admire Dr. Sharma’s work, despite some of our differences, as I believe he is making an impact on the way physicians view, and treat, obese patients, as evidenced in today’s post by Gaby. I know that many people aren’t pleased with Dr. Sharma’s approach, but I believe that we can only succeed by having these kinds of conversations with those we may not agree with 100%, but who understand our philosophy better than the mainstream medical community.

You can read my original post introduction here.

Once again, sorry for the boring slideshow background, but these interviews are for ears only.

And to all my Canadian brothers and sisters, you know I love you.

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