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On Hold with Atchka! and Dr. Steven Blair

June 18, 2012

Along with my interview with Dr. Katherine Flegal, this interview with Dr. Steven Blair is among my most favoritest interviews ever.

Blair’s decades of data from The Cooper Institute, and his ongoing work at the University of South Carolina’s Department of Exercise Science, has provided an unparalleled body of research confirming the

Blair is a frequently expert in the media on being fat and fit, like this January 2008 New York Times Q&A. Blair has followed tens of thousands of men and women for decades, measuring their cardiorespiratory fitness and finding that sedentary lifestyles cause metabolic damage and moderate physical activity improves metabolic health equally for fat people and thin people alike.

Blair’s message is simple, but powerful: every little bit helps.

It doesn’t take marathon-level training to go from cardiovascular risk to cardiovascular health. In fact, the greatest leap in fitness comes from the difference in a sedentary lifestyle and the most basic physical activity. What’s more, that physical activity can be broken up into 10 minute chunks, which can be constructed like building blocks into a healthy metabolic profile.

Blair’s message fits neatly into the Health at Every Size® paradigm, encouraging behaviors over body size, and reassuring people that what matters is not how beautiful your body becomes with exercise, but how exercise, in its many disparate forms, is a beautiful way to love your body.

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by physical fitness or have been disappointed by exercise’s inability to transform you into an Adonis (as promoted by MeMe Roth and Michael Karolchyk), please, please, please listen to this interview and learn, as I did, what physical fitness is really all about.

(Read the original introduction here)

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  1. Marilyn permalink
    June 18, 2012 1:45 pm

    I just did it and my fitness is superior. I can walk very fast and I have a rather low heart rate. By this test, I am very fit. I like that. For the Rockport test.

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