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World Premiere —

July 24, 2012

I’m officially on vacation, so I haven’t had a chance to create a fancy-schmancy graphic to go with it, but today I’m sharing the first episode of what I hope will be an ongoing video interview series called “Big Ass Questions with Atchka!” But I’m afraid this first interview may hobble my efforts since I was woefully unprepared.

Recently I shared how I am part of the National Amateur Film Promoter’s of America Foundation (NAFPAF), which, through, is promoting the film Fat Kid Rules the World, a film based on the amazing book by KL Going.

I’ve been trying everything I can think of to get people in St. Louis to reserve tickets for the show, and thought that maybe by interviewing KL Going, I might attract a few more viewers. So, on an afternoon I had taken off for work, I sent KL an interview request, which she agreed to immediately. Kind of stunned, I told her that evenings and weekends work best for me, but on the off chance she was available, I could do one at that moment because our girls were at daycare.

To my horror, she agreed.

I hadn’t really thought it through, though, because I no longer had the book and I would have zero time to prepare. I prefer to have a list of questions and notes so that I sound as polished and professional as I am capable of. This time, however, I had nothing, and it shows.

And although I botched quite a few facts in my interview, KL Going was a gracious and generous interviewee, never letting on that my inability to recall a main character’s name sounded pretty damned bad.

This first interview is all about the book and Going’s writing career, while a second part, which I will release at an unspecified, later date, will cover the film itself.

I hope you enjoy this first, rag-tag effort at an interview show, and I hope the interview inspires you to either join the NAFPAF or search for a screening in your town.

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