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An Exercise Video, for Christmas?

December 11, 2012

12 Days of Fatmas

A couple of months ago I wrote a book review of The Fat Chick Works Out by Jeanette DePatie. I relayed at the time the challenges I had in reading the book that was in front of me, rather than the hundreds of exercise books I’d read before.

While the book was an “un-exercise book”, the video of The Fat Chick Works Out is definitely not “un-exercise.”  DePatie is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified instructor, and it shows in the video. All the exercise I was looking for in the book is in this video.

The video is divided into four main parts:  “Get Started,” “Learn the Steps,” “Work Out!,” and “Giggle!”  In “Get Started,” DePatie explains how exercise is good for the body; it doesn’t matter if the person exercising loses weight or not. “Learn the Steps” is a brief instruction of all the footwork that will be used for the 12-week regimen.

“Work Out!” is the actual exercise portion of the DVD.  During each week, there is a “talk” section in which DePatie briefly discusses different things. In week 2, for instance, she discusses how many times a week a person should do the exercises. Other weeks discuss topics such as nutrition and the importance of having positive self-talk. In week 12, she congratulates you on completing the program, and encourages the viewer to keep exercising. “No matter what you do, do something. Maintain this commitment to this healthier you.”

In the exercise part, each week starts with a short warm-up and aerobics session, and a short cool-down that resembles the warm-up. In week 1, the aerobics exercise segment is short. As you work through the weeks, you build on what you’ve already done in the previous week, both in exercises performed and the time spent exercising. At the end of the 12th week, you have a good long exercise program that works a bunch of muscle groups. One note though, while this exercise program is not a “high-intensity aerobics workout” (does anybody else remember Jane Fonda’s aerobics videos from the 80s, or am I the only one?), you do have to have lower body mobility in order to use this DVD.

The final section, “Giggles!” includes bloopers from the filming of all the different segments.

This DVD would be a great gift for most anybody who hasn’t exercised (or who hasn’t had a committed weekly program) and who wants to have the benefits that exercise gives. Pair the DVD with The Fat Chick Works Out book, and you have a good, solid basis for people who want to obtain the health benefits of exercise in a gentle and upbeat way!

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