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Fat: The Owner’s Manual

December 18, 2012

12 Days of Fatmas

I just finished reading Fat: The Owner’s Manual by Ragen Chastain. The book is written for Fat Acceptance n00bs, but even experienced fat activists can get something out of it. Ragen writes about personal experiences that captivate you and that just about any fat person can relate to, as well as general fat rights issues.


The book is dotted with research to back up Ragen’s arguments, but my only criticism would be that there’s no index of studies for easy reference.

If you’ve read Ragen’s blog, you’ll recognize a lot of the content, but it doesn’t come off as repetitive. More like a fresh look at some old ideas. I really enjoyed how she gets into the War on Fat and she talks about modern issues such as Michelle Obama’s War on Fat Kids. She writes:

As a fat person in Western Culture, I am acutely aware that a war is being fought against me. As a trained researcher who has spent countless hours pouring over research I know what we are being told about weight and health is not what is reflected in the evidence.

And this opening paragraph really summarizes the entire book. There is a war being fought against fat people and Ragen damn well wants everyone to know it and cut it the hell out. Overall this is a great present for the Fierce Fatties in your life, whether they’re new to Fat Acceptance or old hats.

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