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Leftovers: The Ups and Downs of a Compulsive Eater

December 25, 2012

12 Days of Fatmas

Trigger warning: Product is about eating disorders and weight loss culture.

Leftovers: The Ups and Downs of a Compulsive Eater is an off Broadway show about Body Acceptance, the national obsession with weight and getting rid of it (especially for women), and the lengths we’ll go to for thinness. It’s also about getting to a place of just living for today, in the body you have. It’s amazingly real and funny and sad and easy to relate to.

Our very own Dr. Deah Schwartz wrote and starred in the show, along with Anne Wilford and Marcia Kimmell. They are amazing. I wish I could have seen them live. The DVD is great, though, for those of us who live states away from Broadway. There is a scene with Deah and a wooden chair that, I promise, is worth the price of the DVD alone.

My favorite bit of the DVD, though, was the scene where the three women take turns talking about the amazing things they have planned for themselves as soon as they are skinny. As someone who in the last few months has found herself on the edge of her dreams and still Fat with a capital F, I really needed to see and hear that.

The DVD, or the DVD/Workbook combo, would make a great Christmas gift for anyone on your list who needs, or would appreciate, a candid, eye-opening look at the things we do to ourselves in the effort to be “perfect.” If you know someone who is in a position to teach or facilitate group Body Acceptance workshops, the combo would make an especially excellent gift.

The DVD is just a lot of fun and is appropriate for individuals as well as professionals. The workbook is pretty great, with tons of insightful information and interactive work that would also be interesting for anyone who wants some guidance as they work toward Body Acceptance and an understanding of HAES.

Both the DVD ($40) and the DVD/Workbook Combo ($80) are available through Deah’s website.

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