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The Fat Naked Art Project’s new site

February 1, 2013

Hi everyone! So remember the post I did on The Fat Naked Art Project, a wonderful project with myself and photographer Travis McKeithan? A wonderful project which attempts to capture the beauty and diversity of the naked fat form. A lot like Adipositivity but, you know, more nakedness.

This started as a small side project with me and my group, the Triangle Fatties. After a shoot with Travis, I posted on Facebook that I wished there was more fat people art… specifically naked fat people art. Travis obliged. We got together a group from the Triangle Fatties and did a shoot. Now we’re expanding, looking for participants in North Carolina and the surrounding areas with plans to one day travel as much as possible to get the shots we want (so if you want to participate please hit me up! Even if you’re in another state, we’ll add you to the list!).

Anyway, I’m proud to announce the new website: The Fat Naked Art Project (NSFW, obviously). We also have a Facebook page if you’d like to check us out and like us! For now, we’ll be posting once every Friday. We’ve already got two posts up (which you may already have seen from my previous Fat Naked Art Project post), but we’re looking forward to getting new content up as soon as possible. If you can help make that happen we’d love that! I’ll be in California (San Fran area) this summer, so if you’re near, it’s a one-time opportunity! Don’t hesitate to contact me via fatgirlposing at yahoo or through our Facebook page.

There’s not much else to say about this project other than it’s awesome and you should totally join in!

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