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Things, Yay!

April 2, 2013

I was recently told that I should have other interests than Health at Every Size® (HAES), so I want to share some of the things that I do besides exclusively researching Fat Acceptance and HAES and thin privilege and yada yada. Yay!

First up is my favoriteist of favorite comics I’ve ever favorited. Favorite!! It is called “Girl Genius” and is a steam-punk/science adventure thriller. The main character is a strong woman named Agatha Clay who happens to be an amazing Spark (what insane geniuses are called) that was hidden by her family for reasons you have to read to find out. Anyway, she ends up getting into some trouble, then bigger trouble, then terrible trouble, and it just goes from there. There are all sorts of crazy characters too! I recommend it. FAVORITE!

Next is my favorite online collection of pets. The site is called Chicken Smoothie and it is a low-maintenance collection of growable and adorable pets. There are a variety of pets, including puppies, kittens, horses, ponies, butterfly wolves, rats, and some others. Sometimes they have lions, foxes, dragons, sea life, special event pets for Valentines and Halloween, and special guest pets. Plus, they have items every now and then that you can decorate your pets, like this:

I also mentioned before that I am an amateur body builder, and thus like It has all sorts of cool things, like a store for supplements that happen to be discounted most of the time (like a 5lb jug of whey protein for $40! You can’t touch that stuff for less than $60. Plus the shipping is really fast!), exercise programs that include videos of how to do the workout and how to breathe, and a place called Bodyspace where you can log your workouts, your load and reps, measurements, and a list of other things.

I’m sure you might have heard about It is like news and humor and childish jokes all wrapped into one. I especially like the articles which are informative and hilarious. There isn’t much more I can say except check it out.

This page is a little woo, but has some great advice.

For American Sign Language (ASL), I use this online dictionary. It is fairly ASL with a few Pigeon Signed English. Unfortunately, you have to have a membership to search for words, but searching the letter and then finding the word is free (to do it faster, press CTRL+F and type the word you want). This is also a good signing bank, but there are more English signs than ASL sometimes. It also has categories that you can choose.

As for clothes, besides Lane Bryant I shop around in Pyramid Collection. This too is a bit woo, but it has “Goddess Sizes” and the clothing is pretty (to me) and they have other things like jewelry and shoes and purses and things and stuff. I also like Holy Clothing. They are very flow-y, more of a Renaissance type look and are an up-and-coming business. Shop Translated is another shop I know about but I haven’t bought anything.

Do you like making crafts? Then this site is for you!!! It has everything from how to make stuff to reuse, reduce, recycle ideas to connections with other outside artists.

Love music? Then PANDORA!!! ❤ ❤

Are you a college student needing books cheap? Then rent from Chegg! I have saved hundreds of dollars using them plus they plant trees to help the environment.

Last but not least is Anime Fushigi. I love, love, love anime!!!!!!!! Some of my favorite that I recommend is Bleach, Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden, One Piece, the .Hack// series, Ghost In The Shell, Loveless (except it shouldn’t have ended!!) Ah! My Goddess, Avatar the Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Claymore, etc. etc.

This is just the stuff that is online. I didn’t mention any of the real life stuff. I recommend volunteering at least twice a month if you can manage it. I found that it is a great learning tool for children as well as for yourself. Start a club if you can, even if it is a HAES club. Go and meet new people and go to different places and travel and buy an actual camera so you don’t have to use your phone.

DO YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS?????? If you have your own hang outs, please share!!!!

Kitsune Yokai

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  1. Linda permalink
    April 2, 2013 10:59 pm

    Just gotta laugh at the person who assumed you live a life in blinders of obsession. Jeez. Thanks for the tips…

  2. violetyoshi permalink
    April 3, 2013 6:33 am

    I have met people who think that too. It’s as if we should just live life, regardless of the fact society hinders us from doing so at every turn. Or we’re being too negative, yes and I suppose you’d be too negative too if your body was constantly being judged by others. Or knowing that we live in such a fat biased society, a mother who goes into hysterics at the idea someone would dare bring chocolate chip cookies to a kids gymnastic meet-up, gets air time over a PhD who believes in health at every size. I’m speaking of Meme Roth and Linda Bacon.

    Yes, CNN is giving Meme Roth air time again. It’s not enough that adults have to cope with messages that eating is wrong, but we are teaching our children that too through things like The Biggest Loser for kids. While the UK and England regard children starving themselves voluntarily as a major health concern, the US doesn’t seem to care that 10 year old and even younger children won’t eat for fear of becoming fat.

    So, how can this be about health if we’re ignoring children starving themselves to death, because they don’t want to be fat? I mean, I probably should just not engage with people who don’t see that’s a horrifying problem. I hear about Newtown on the the news, and I agree that was horrific. Yet I’m pretty sure twice as many children right now are saying, “I don’t want to eat that, it will make me fat.” So twice as many children or even more will die from eating disorders, and it doesn’t matter. We can cry about how the children were murdered in Newtown, yet ignore our anti-fat society is murdering far many more children in the obesity epidemic. I thought I was a pro at cognitive dissonance, but apparently I’m still on level 1 in regards to ignoring reality.

  3. Elizabeth permalink
    April 3, 2013 8:15 am

    violetyoshi, I really appreciate your comments about what we are doing to our children. Besides teaching and urging them to engage in disordered eating, we are ignoring the many children out there who do not get enough to eat. How much better if Michelle Obama had focused her efforts on ending food insecurity in the U.S., but it serves the interests of the drug/diet/medical industries far better to focus on “childhood obesity.”

    Kitsune, I’m seriously thinking of starting an HAES/body acceptance group in my shiretown if I feel the energy to do it (I’m disabled and fatigue is one of my problems). Besides my critters, old farmhouse, wood supply, and garden, I like SEX and enjoy Betty Dodson is weird when it comes to body acceptance, but the younger, beautiful Carlin Ross has dealt to a degree with this issue.

  4. violetyoshi permalink
    April 3, 2013 1:02 pm

    I agree with what you’re saying, and that would be a better use of time. I just read on This is Thin Privilege about a 4 year old girl who when she told her doctor she wanted to be a ballerina, the doctor replied “Ballerinas are thin.” Yeah, that’s really the point isn’t it? Who cares if it’s good activity, no we’ve got to start this future ballerina down the road of eating disorders so she can be a professional *rolls eyes*.

    I’ve also heard fat people can’t be oppressed, because they have food to eat. I’m sure this plays into the stereotype that fat people must be eating the food that ought to go to poor starving children, or something. It’s just amazing what people will come up with when it comes to the existence of fat people. Instead of donating to a food bank, they’re busy blaming fat people for simply existing.

    If we make healthy food available to everyone then that would be a good start. Of course though, when has the obesity hysteria been about actual health?

  5. LittleBigGirl permalink
    April 3, 2013 9:01 pm

    OMG I love bohemian fantasy fashion. I loved all the Pyramid clothes…except too expensive and only up to size 3x. :_( As a 5x petite devotee of Stevie Nicks, I must continue my search for my dream ensemble. *sigh*

    Also loving the anime. I just finished the Samurai 7 series, and I am going back to rewatch Elfin Lied and Deathnote. Love Naruto but haven’t seen it in a while. Also love Read or Die, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun, Outlaw Star, Wolf’s Rain, Hell Girl, Kannazuki no Miko and all of Miyazaki’s movies. 🙂

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