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Daily Challenge, Day 1

July 10, 2013

I have a friend who just referred me to this online “game” of sorts, called Daily Challenge. From her description:

It’s just a little site that sends you an e-mail or text each day telling you to do a little activity that improves your overall well-being. For example, I’m on the Active Health track, which is mainly exercise-type stuff and today’s challenge was to do bicep curls with soup cans. Sometimes it’s a bit silly, but it’s fun and the people there are nice and it does have good suggestions. It’s not all physical stuff though. Sometimes it’s things like getting rid of clutter or just spending time outside. One I had was to play tourist in your own town and go for a walk. Take at least three pictures.

Now normally I am super-suspicious about well-being websites and this one is no different. I just signed up and decided to try it for a bit. Today’s challenge was to do something for 15 minutes that will hold your attention completely. Harmlessly vague enough (I practiced my Spanish with someone for over an hour. It was fun!).

I know every single word. /sobs/

You can also answer questions about your overall health, and with questions like “Most of the day yesterday did you feel happy?” and “Does your boss treat you more like a partner or as your boss?” it isn’t especially triggering. There could be a problem for some people with the Basic Access and Healthy Habits Q&A because it asks about your access to food (“In your area, do you have easy access to affordable and fresh fruits and veggies?” and “Do you have enough money to buy food that you and your family needs?”), doctors (“do you have a personal doctor?” and “Have you been to the dentist in the past 12 months?”), and exercise (“How many days do you exercise for at least 30 minutes?” and “Do you have access to a safe place to exercise?”).

The thing is, afterward, and from then on, the blurbs about each section are weight neutral. It talks about improving health without talking about weight loss. From what I see, there isn’t much mention about weight loss at all throughout the site unless you go to the Well-Being Wire, their news section, and scroll through their Healthy Habits and Physical Health newsfeed.

Now, before we continue, there are good articles in each section, even in the two I just mentioned, like an almost-there-but-not-quiet article about how talking about healthy habits instead of diets are better for teens and an article about how HPV infection rates have dropped to 3.6% and an article about how yoga isn’t religious and can therefore be taught in schools as a form of exercise. The thing is, when you scroll through the first three pages and notice 7 out of 15 articles in the Healthy Habits feed and 3 out of 15 articles in Physical Health whose titles specifically mention weight loss, obesity, or diets, it becomes troubling. If nothing else, it is a goldmine for blogging. For example:

Despite the news, which you can only see if you specifically go to the tab, I think this is a pretty good daily enrichment website.  I’m going to participate in it for a few days or weeks and report back (maybe). It looks pretty promising.

Does anyone else participate in this website? How do you like it?

Kitsune Yokai

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  1. Twistie permalink
    July 10, 2013 1:03 pm

    I wish that there were more sites where one could learn about health without being fat shamed at all, but so far this sounds a lot better than most.

    Hey! I already did that first exercise without even knowing about it! I spent about twenty minutes actively involved in baking a cake with no distractions. Later on, I’ll be concentrating hard on making the delicious buttercream that will frost it.

  2. July 10, 2013 8:25 pm

    Those general questions about work and having access to food, and how you feel are so great, and I wish more people focused on those things, and overall quality of life, than weight, when it came to determining level of health and areas of improvement!

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