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Dog Pile 2

August 8, 2013

Each week here at FFF, we try to discuss things in the news, but sometimes we just don’t have the time, sanity points, or will to discuss things. So let’s let the Dogs of News sniff interesting,  infuriating, and entertaining things from around the web. These might prompt future posts, but feel free to let out your opinions about anything here in the comment section.

They are pooped from spotting fat news.

  • People who go to restaurants don’t really pay attention to/care about the calories in their favorite foods, says a new study. Moreover: “the study found no difference between overweight and healthy-weight participants in their food choice behaviors; the obese group did not choose higher calories than the healthy weight group. And both groups underestimated the calories consumed in a meal, a finding supporting earlier research.” (Emphasis mine) Did anyone notice that “healthy weight” bullshit?
  • Mayor Bloomberg is at it again. In his latest move to “fight obesity” in “his city,” Bloomberg has “issued an executive order requiring city agencies to promote the use of stairways and use smart design strategies for all new construction and major renovations.” Also, “a new nonprofit organization, the Center for Active Design, would promote and advise on strategies that encourage daily physical activity and access to healthy food. One such strategy has to do with making the staircase a more prominent part in the design of a new building or retrofitting an old staircase to ensure that it stays open, clean and well lighted.” You know, I am in favor of promoting healthy lifestyles, but Bloomberg has clearly said he is targeting fat people. Please, by all means improve the quality of your citizen’s lives, but please do not go after a specific group of people. You can leave the “obesity” bit out when wanting to pass bills for health. Also, in your FACE about the soda thing.
  • Speaking of fit fatties, here are five things you should look for in your personal trainer (if you get one/can afford one). TL;DR: Your trainer needs 1) to be patient and understand that every body is different, 2) be able to communicate with you even when they are not there (and you also need to communicate yourself), and 3) “professionalism” — they should wear something plain and simple, and should be more interested in you than themselves. I would also add someone who doesn’t cuss, someone who respects your boundaries while still being able to push your limits, and someone who doesn’t disregard your goals and substitute their goals for you.
  • NBC has finally caught up with what the fat movement already knew years ago: that colleges, universities, and employers discriminate against fat people. Someone say “Surprise!”
  • Dear CNN, I was hopeful with your article called “5 Weight Loss Myths,” but as I started reading I was sorely disappointed. You were allllmost there and then you ruined it. Sincerely, Slow Head-Shaker.
  • Doctors “advise” their clients on “healthy habits” when they come into the clinic. If you are fat, you have a 75% chance of being told to exercise more and a 71% chance of being told you should go on a diet.
  • [Trigger warning: Physical abuse] A study has found that children of parents who use corporal punishment will develop more health problems later in life. “Changes in sleep, risk-taking behaviors, immune functioning and regulation of stress hormones that result from chronic or intense stress may be important factors,” says Michele Knox, a psychiatrist at the University of Toledo College of Medicine. However, the most infuriating thing to me is that the study says “More people who had been punished physically were obese: about 31 percent, versus 26 percent of those with no history of physical punishment.” (emphasis mine) Are you fucking kidding me? You are worried about a 5% difference??? The other, more pressing issues like I quoted above were only “secondary findings”???
  • Healthy habits for everyone (but especially fatties): don’t think about or do diets, get enough sleep, reduce your stress, and understand that your hormones will change as you grow older. What a nice, cool article… oh wait, what’s that? Oh, nevermind, it’s just an article about how people “regain weight” and how to not become fat.
  • A third of single-parent households struggle to buy food, opposed to only one-fifth of two parent households. Also, the more children you have, the harder it is. I would have liked to have seen if there was any correlation between struggling to buy food and how much each family member weighed.
  • So apparently there are “behaviors” associated with being fat and not fat. In the “More Likely to be Obese” category I have three behaviors out of eight. In the “Less Likely to be Obese” category I score a five out of eight.  /eyeroll/
  • Beauty standards of all genders are almost impossible to attain, and those who are considered the “prime examples” are actually devastating themselves:

“Oxygen administered to exhausted contestants during final round of judging. The strain of intense dieting, dehydration and muscle-flexing, places high levels of strain on the heart and lungs, rendering many contestants dizzy, light-headed and weak.”

  • Golda Porsky has written a post about why we shouldn’t call ourselves lazy anymore. I agree with her, and honestly I call myself lazy way too much. Someone who goes to school full time, works part time, runs two different school clubs, takes care of a child who isn’t hers (but who I still love), does enrichment for the kid in the form of volunteering, instructs others on how to exercise while exercising myself, and is developing community ties in various places for various reasons is not at all lazy.

That is all for now. Feel free to discuss any of the above points in the comment section below.

Kitsune Yokai

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  1. nof permalink
    August 8, 2013 8:14 am

    Apparently the CDC is patting itself on the back for declining rates of obesity in children in 19 states. Strangely I cannot find citations for the rate of decline nor anything specific about improved health, which leads me to believe the CDC is misleading with statistics.

    Also, wtf: “you shouldn’t hit your kids *because it will make them heavier*”? Is this the point we’re at? Physical abuse isn’t okay not because it’s physical abuse, but because it might me someone fat?

    • Duckie permalink
      August 8, 2013 11:14 am

      Regarding the CDC and childhood “obesity” rates. What I read was that they weren’t so much decreasing as they had plateaued at about 15%….which sounds oddly similar to the plateau that happens with adult rates plateau in the natural diversity of body sizes.

    • August 21, 2013 6:52 pm

      Nof, which is why I put up a trigger warning because it honestly upset me. Can you be any more idiotic?!?! My forehead is bruised from hitting it against the desk.

  2. August 8, 2013 1:03 pm

    According to the “behaviors” of fat vs non-fat people; If I START smoking again (gave it up 13 yrs ago), STOP going to the doctor, and just happen to live anywhere NEAR a gym or jogging trail, I will be thinner?? So ok, it’s not about HEALTH at all, it’s about THIN!! WOW! Who knew!?

    But wait a minute, I thought fat people were always sick – all the time – and therefore jacking-up health care costs for the whole country every minute of every day?
    If I get rid of my doctor, won’t I just get sicker and sicker and then…. die?
    Why would I want to do that? Hmmm, maybe fat people deserve to be sick- and die?
    And what- thinner people don’t HAVE doctors? Oh that’s right, because they are ALWAYS healthy, never need a doctor, silly me. ::: rolls eyes:::

    Lost a few sanity points on that “behaviors” section…..

  3. Dizzyd permalink
    August 8, 2013 4:21 pm

    I know – that ‘behaviors’ article trotted out the same old BS, it’s like ‘yawn. Next.’ To restore sanity points, saved both doggie pics to my phone – yay!

    • August 21, 2013 6:44 pm

      Aren’t these puppies just adorable??? ❤ I wonder if I should explore with other groups of animals.

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