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Gingeroid: 1) ginger-like, 2) more fun than a hemorrhoid

August 15, 2013

Our second new blogging candidate is Gingeroid.

Hello, fatosphere! My name is Melanie, long time lurker and first time poster. This blog, along with Fat Nutritionist and Dances With Fat have done wonders for my journey to body acceptance.

Welcome to the big tent.

Welcome to the big tent.

I’ve learned why dieting is futile, where to find awesome plus-sized clothes, and that I’m not the only one who was diagnosed fat during an eye exam.

I’m here because Atchka’s call for BAMFs resonated with me, particularly the line that Fat Acceptance will be “dominated by one very specific perspective; the white, cis, straight, not too fat (but still definitely fat) woman’s perspective.” After Mitt Romney’s defeat, you’d be lucky to find a conservative commentator who didn’t invoke Ronald Reagan and the words “big tent” in their vision of the future. Big tents are great, unless you’re looking for something to wear. Everybody has a body, it doesn’t get much bigger tent than that. But then bodies have various appearances, capabilities, associations, etc. that go into their own tents. We sub-divide into smaller and smaller tents until it’s easy to lose sight of the big ones. On the flip side, getting people into the big tent requires outreach into all the little tents. I’d say I’m about 50% status quo and 50% something else. Let’s explore my campground:

I’m a cis, white, female. I had a boss who liked to make fun of my skin tone because she tans and I don’t. Were we living during the Renaissance, I’d be the standard of beauty. I’m OK with creeping people out and making them sick to their stomachs with my lack of soul in modern times because I love technology too much.

I bounce between fat and deathfat depending on how well my hormones are balanced. Thanks to a combination of bad genes, dieting when I thought I was “fat,” dieting when I actually was fat, dieting because doctors told me to, and dieting because my family told me to, I’ve done a number on myself. Right now, I’m in the care of one of the best endocrinologists, but it’s been a hell of a journey.

I remember when it was just LGBT, then LGBTQ, and I saw LGBTQIA in the latest ad. I’m a bisexual asexual, which is to say I’m theoretically interested in everybody, yet practically interested in nobody. I’ve splashed around in the dating pool a bit, but I’m happiest when it’s just me and my cat.

My current economic status is toward the upper end of middle class. I can’t say I’ve been ultra-rich (yet?), but I’ve definitely been broke-ass poor. After I was outed with a disability, then fired when my employer didn’t know what to do with me, I used everything I had to break my lease and retain an attorney. As much as I never want to go back to that point in my life, it provided the push to redefine my relationship with doctors. This was the first time I really started doing my own research, questioning doctors, and gaining the confidence to fire bad ones.

Something else you might have guessed from the above is that I’m a conservative libertarian. I’m not an aging hippy whose platform consists solely of legalizing all drugs, I don’t like Lindsey Graham, and I’m not an anarchist. I am a big fan of capitalism and free market solutions. I also believe that if we want government to do less, we as individuals need to do more. I look forward to bringing those perspectives to the table. Going back to the big tent philosophy, there are fat people from all political leanings. And even though we have a body type in common, I don’t necessarily agree with all of Chris Christie’s positions.

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