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Everybody Chill the Fuck Out!

September 28, 2013


First of all, on the weekends I try to not do blog stuff because it takes up so much of my weekly time and attention. So I’m a bit irritated at all sides that I have to come deal with more drama over what is essentially a conflict of personalities.

Therefore, I have temporarily set all comments to moderation and will only approve those having to do with the business at hand. I have asked Kala to stop provoking the situation, but I also asked Violet Yoshi in a long, (hopefully) thoughtful email as to why I have personally been troubled by the information from this link, which compiles both her writing and the repeated pattern of her disrupting websites and getting banned.

I contacted all our bloggers to apprise them of the situation and some pertinent background, then I asked their advise. General consensus was to monitor the situation and ban any disruptive persons. I emailed Violet Yoshi to explain my perspective, how I understand what it was like to be judged for past mistakes and asking her to keep her comments to the topic at hand. Instead, she’s now calling me out, which is her prerogative, but I’m tired of the screaming match on all sides and I just want to play Grand Theft Auto V, so comments are in moderation until Monday morning, when I will decide the next steps.

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