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Yule Bash!

December 16, 2013

My Boring-Ass Life

Oh, I am so excited! Winter is one of my favorite seasons (and not just because I was born in December!). I love everything about the holidays, from the sweet yet spicy smell of the trees to the outlandish decorations enveloping neighborhoods to the delicious feasts and beautiful array of desserts. Many wait all year in anticipation of this month.

One of my favorite ways of celebrating the season is throwing a Yule party. It can be pretty easy and simple, or more complex if you have the ability. This year, I’m keeping it simple (it has been a hard year, yeah?).


Optional (KIDDING!!!!). I found this awesome site called Take Back Halloween that gives super-awesome ideas for costumes from pirate queens to ancient Greek patronesses. In fact, you can probably make many cool and interesting costumes for this party with just some things around the house. Many of the Greek costumes are made with only bed sheets and clips. The site specifically instructs people how to create their own costumes of historical women; it’s not somewhere you can buy from, though they DO link to other sites where you can buy costumes.


Greek woman costume. NAILED IT.

If you are looking for something more crafted, try Holy Clothing. Their style is Gothic, renaissance, peasant, harem, and Roma, and they have sizes up to 7X (though I only really see sizes up to 5X consistently with 5X is women’s 30/32). I have had many friends buy from this site and absolutely rave about it. My best friend uses her Holy Clothing dress as a cosplay costume. Plus, their prices are way more reasonable than Lane Bryant’s $100+ dresses.


Traditionally, a hog would be slaughtered and offered up, then roasted and served during festivities. Luckily, we don’t have to even encounter the pig alive, so why not have some ham on your table?  If you are like me and don’t like much pork, a turkey or chicken will serve well, and if you are vegetarian, you can always make a yule log, a Wellington, or a “meat”loaf as the center piece. There are many great recipe lists for the holidays if you really want to get creative, but I suggest that you ask your company to bring a little something to contribute to a pot luck. Here are some great drink recipes as well, because we all know a big dinner will include parched throats!

Child-Friendly Activities

If you have kids over, or are just throwing a party for your family, there are several activities you can do that are fun for everyone. For outside trees, I recommend making some popcorn strings, some peanut butter pine cones, and maybe even some gingerbread men.

A funny side story: when I was younger, my mother tried to make gingerbread men. After she mixed up most of the ingredients, she realized that she didn’t have any molasses, so she put in Karo syrup instead, thinking it could substitute. Weeeell, as it turns out, the men came out and I naively grabbed one and bit it — it bit me back and chipped my tooth! The men were as hard as rocks. When my mom came back into the kitchen and asked me how the gingerbread men were, I said “Ummm…” and hit one on the edge of the counter. It chipped the counter. In the end, we had to drill holes into the heads to hang them on the tree.

Speaking of cooking, it would probably be a good idea to involve some of the older kids in making the food and desserts. Some of my best memories came from decorating cookies with my mom and grandma. 

This is a plain ball ornament with a kid’s wishlist inside. You can start this when they are young and make it a tradition.

Inside trees can have all sorts of cool decorations that you can make. Try some of these beauties, or you can do what I will be doing and dress up some plain ball ornaments with various things. This year, I am going to team up with my little brother and our neighbors to make some suncatchers made from pony beads. The same lady from the suncatcher link also made some pretty cool “stain glass” frames from the beads too that would be an awesome craft idea.

For those of you looking for some more pagan-centric things, you should try Mrs. B’s blog after Thanksgiving. I’ll (probably!) be posting some more religious-themed things on my blog as well.

Oh, DON’T FORGET THE FIRES, Y’ALL. No matter what tradition you will celebrate this year, fire is an important part of this holiday season. From the Jews who only had eight candles to light to Christians lighting the candles on an advent wreath counting down to Christmas to Pagans who welcome the (re)birth of the Sun, enjoy a blazing fire or at least some romantic candles.

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