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Every Action Has An Equal But Opposite Reaction, Wait No. Everything Needs It’s Opposite ? No…

December 25, 2013

When I was little, I read endless books and spent hours in front of the television during ABC’s 4:30 Movie Monster Week, watching good battle evil.

There was no end to the destruction wrought by the villainous cads and massive beasts in these stories, who always they had their opposite. The yin to their yang that kept the universe in balance, gave the hero something to fight for, and promised Tokyo they would survive and rebuild after Godzilla had risen mightily out of the bay for the millionth time.

Godzilla SantaWhat would we even do without the conflict that arises out of people so physically and mentally different from each other that it takes enormous time, effort and patience to come to an agreement?

The Herculean struggle to listen to, understand and then, eventually, maybe even embrace someone who’s so foreign to you that they cause you discomfort; it’s not a task many people dare to take on. But when they manage to even make the slightest steps toward the goal of cooperation or even civil discourse, it’s like a Holiday Miracle™.

During this festive season, I usually cop out with a half-assed post about why fat Santa is so much better than evil, thin Santa (who hurts children on his lap with pointy bones and hunger-induced lack of patience), but this year I’ll go out on a limb and say that it takes all kinds to make this world interesting.

Fat people need thin people, even though they will continue to argue over health and acceptance.

Liberals need conservatives and still they’ll rage on into the next millennium, each side swearing that the other party is destroying all we hold dear.

Old people need the young ones despite the fact that the elderly would love to suck the marrow from the bones of each wastefully youthful idiot they see.

The depressed need the cheerful. Sadly, this only serves to make the depressed person upset that they can’t maintain that degree of frivolity and cheer.

And, of course, all the world’s religions need each other so that they can shake their heads dogmatically, knowing that all those other poor bastards are damned for eternity.

So, everyone, wherever you may be, have a wonderful holiday season. And don’t forget to smile at a person who hates you because you are the complete opposite of what they are. The world would be awfully boring without the tension generated by the grating of our differences.

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