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Mother Nature’s Daughter

January 10, 2014

When I was a kid running amok like an untrained savage through the world, I didn’t stop to ponder the big questions. I just kept plowing forward with a kind of furious intent that got me where I wanted to go.

Lord of the FLies Fire

Dufmanno and friends before they burned down the village.

Most of my time was spent attempting various pursuits, with overtones of a sort of Lord of the Flies-type ingenuity. I lit fires, made mud pies, took off my clothes and jumped in questionable bodies of water. Sometimes I did these things alone, and other times I was able to convince friends to come with me; but one thing was for certain — I did have a basic connection with the weather, seasons and what needed to be done to survive them.

Now before you go making fun of my Laura Ingalls Wilder wild child upbringing, take into consideration that this also helped me become attuned to the ebb and flow of life.

In the summer we darted around barefoot like marbles on a wet floor, brown from the sun and smelling of Tropicana suntan oil and freedom. We did what we wanted, swam where we pleased and played dangerous games with little to no supervision.

In the fall, we still managed to stay outside, but the pace was less frenetic. We prepped for the holidays and lamented the start of the school year.

In the winter, we slowed down considerably, ate lots of comfort foods to stay warm and happy, and kept all the fires burning. My mom used to say we were putting on our “winter layer”; our sort of buffer from the killer snow and ice and the howling winds of the most brutal season.

It was all very normal.

Last week during the polar vortex I got to thinking about this natural cycle of “stay in and pad your body,” so I looked online to see if it had ever been proven that fat people are scientifically warmer than skinny people. What I found was a terrible stew pot of contradictory evidence and endless studies that disproved what the last guy said and then turned it around and made some new claim that no one cared about.

I did however learn that women are supposedly ALWAYS cold. Weird.

So anyway, stay warm, stay safe, eat comfort foods, drink tea (for longevity!) and hunker down with the people you love. And if you need someone to come over and fell a tree to split it into firewood, I’m your woman…

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  1. Nof permalink
    January 10, 2014 12:48 pm

    I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, aka I get really tired and depressed during the winter months. I have always been fond of the “SAD is evolution’s way of telling you it’s too cold to do anything, go sleep until summer” argument–why else would SAD be so prevalent in Scandinavians and people descended from Scandinavians?

    I remain convinced that the “stay inside and eat fattening foods” during winter is definitely a thing. What I want to eat changes wildly depending on the season–all I want during winter is beans and potatoes and meat, while during summer I’m much happier eating tomatoes and cucumbers and spinach.

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