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Double the Divas, Double the Fun

March 26, 2014

Fat Fashion

I found this show too late, Lifetime has cancelled it. Of course they did — it shows women having fun, being “outrageous,” opinionated, and most, unacceptable of all (to TV producers, anyway), accepting of women of all sizes. Cynthia and Molly’s motto is “No bust too big or small, we fit them all.”

Molly (on the left in the photo) does the business/money part, while Cynthia (on the right) is the creative genius, like doing some of the fabrication of unusual requests, such as the bra with a gun holster attached. They are the founders and co-owners of Livi Rae Lingerie and filmed two seasons of Double Divas for the Lifetime network.

I caught the reruns of four shows on the bio channel one evening and I was laughing through most of the shows. The first episode I saw featured a woman who came to their store in Georgia from Virginia, looking for a bra to fit. I can understand why she couldn’t find bras to fit in a store, and I’m surprised she could even come close to finding a bra that sorta/kinda/maybe fit online. I’m not being catty or nasty when I say her breasts looked to be the size of basketballs sitting on her chest. Her bra band rode up between her shoulder blades, the straps rolled and dug into her shoulders, and her breasts weren’t supported at all (they rested on her stomach). Cynthia created a bra for her that fit, supported her breasts, didn’t ride up in the back, and was actually comfortable. It was a beige-on-beige floral print, and while not what I would call a “sexy” bra, it wasn’t ugly and it worked.

The second episode featured a lady who had no arms and whose bra straps were constantly falling off her shoulders. She also had trouble finding a band small enough for the cup size she wore (28 D, I think they said). Molly and Cynthia asked her if she had ever considered a racer back or criss-cross strap bra. They asked her if those types of bras would be a problem for her to put on. They came up with a sexy, black and red, lacy bra with narrow, criss-crossed straps. The customer was able to put it on by herself, and said that she loved it. It fit, had support, and made her finally feel sexy.

The third episode featured a woman who was a bounty hunter and wanted a holster for her gun in her bra; she didn’t like carrying her gun in a hip or back holster because it was too easy for one of her targets (or anyone walking behind her) to take her gun away from her. Cynthia came up with a concept for the holster bra, made a prototype for Molly to try out, and they all went to a paintball battleground to see how well it worked. Molly put a water pistol in the holster (she had the bra on over her t-shirt), ran and jumped, as well as performed jumps and rolls over obstacles. The water pistol never fell out, was easy to draw and put back, and was considered a success by all. So back to the shop and Cynthia makes the bra for the bounty hunter. When the woman comes back to pick it up, she tries it on, puts her gun in it, and likes the fit and accessibility to her gun that it gives her. Another happy ending.

The last episode, they had to make a dress for a lady who was attending a Civil War re-enactment with her husband. She wanted it to be authentic to the period, but she also wanted to show off a lot of cleavage (not something that was really acceptable for “ladies” of the time). They came up with a dress for her that met her specifications, and she invited them to accompany her to the re-enactment. Neither Cynthia or Molly had ever been to one, and didn’t have costumes to wear. Now, I happen to love the idea they came up with — since they own/operate a lingerie store, they decided to go dressed in just the undergarments of the period: bloomers, camisole, corset, and the slip with the hoops to make skirts look full. Their customer thought they looked great, but some of the other ladies who were there in their dresses, covered up to their necks, gave them some not-so-approving looks. But they all had a good time, and Molly and Cynthia considered it advertising for their boutique.

On their website, LiviRae Lingerie. I went through the Find Your Fit Q&A section to see what kind of bra they would recommend for me. The only problem I had with it was that their band size selector stops at 50 (I wear a 54 band). They only had one bra recommendation for me, but it didn’t come in my size (cup size yes, band size no). So I took advantage of their Contact Us link and shot them an email, telling them what type, style, brand, and size bra I was currently wearing, and asking if they help me find a bra similar to what I currently had in the size I need (since my current bra hasn’t been made by Goddess for over two years now, and the bras I do have are slowly dying).

That was on March 15, and as of today, I still haven’t gotten a reply from them. Now, I also did a search on their boutique, and there was a site that had reviews. There were nine reviews of their shop/merchandise/employees, and from what I saw, women either love these ladies and their merchandise or they hate them all. Three of the reviews were scathing put-downs of customer relations and had definite opinions on the shoddiness of the merchandise. The other six reviews were glowing recommendations of customer service, satisfaction with product, and how they’d be back for more.

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  1. vesta44 permalink
    March 26, 2014 10:39 am

    I got a response to my email to them, and it was less than satisfactory. Now, I told them the discontinued Goddess bras I’m currently wearing are just like the bra their site recommended to me. but that it didn’t come in my size (and I told them what size I needed). I asked them if they had anything similar to that in a size to fit me, and told them that since I lived in Minnesota and was disabled, I would probably never have a chance to make it to their shop in Georgia.
    What did the email have to say? Nothing that was helpful to me.


    We would love to try and help in anyway we can…

    We recommend that you come see us to ensure you are in the proper size….if you are ever in Georgia please stop by and see us….we would love to help!! Our website is up and running in order to help women with how to fit and be able to purchase online…!! Thank you for watching Double Divas…we greatly appreciate it!

    Thanks, ladies, for telling me that I don’t have a clue what size or style bra I need, that only with your help can I be properly fitted. If the bras I’m wearing now are comfortable, support me, and fit me, and there are bras out there that are that same style, why the hell do I need your help in being fitted? All I need is your help finding that same style of bra with the band and cup size I need in one bra. If you can’t do that for me, then you aren’t helping me any more than any other store that doesn’t carry my size (because their website doesn’t have any bras on it that go past a 50 band, not helpful to me at all).
    Sorry, but I can’t afford to spend $1,000+ just to go to Georgia to be “fitted” for a bra, and then have to pay upwards of $40 for each bra – and if I find one that fits and is the style I like, I’m going to buy more than one, so spending that amount of money on travel just to find the damned things is going to prevent me from buying more than one. Yeah, so not happening.
    I guess what I’ll continue to do is buy bras with the band size I need, cut the wings off of them and sew those wings to my discontinued Goddess bras – the cups and straps aren’t the part that wears out, it’s the wings that stretch out and disintegrate over time.

    • Kacey permalink
      March 27, 2014 2:23 am

      To be honest, that reads like a form letter. Obviously they only skimmed your initial email. With the show, they probably get a lot of emails.

      Different bras are different sizes. I’m a 30G in Freya, but a 28G in Ewa. I wouldn’t be insulted because they wnt to measure me. With vanity sizing, they probably want to make sure you have the best possible fit.

  2. Elizabeth permalink
    March 27, 2014 9:29 am

    I am SO frustrated with trying to find bras! The department stores have a small range of sizes and NO help; the last time I went into Macy’s I think I could have walked out with the store as there seemed to be no personnel there whatsoever. I’m wearing a Glamorise bra that kind of fits; I tried ordering from Lady Grace and the bra I ordered which was two sizes larger than the one I’m wearing would never have hooked in the back. I find the huge variation in sizes from one brand to the next unbelievable. I can’t imagine the difficulty faced if you need a 54 band size! I can’t find a decent bra in a 40 or 42 or 44.

  3. M. LaBelle permalink
    March 27, 2014 11:57 am

    Bra fitter here! That was definitely a form letter. They are probably inundated with requests now that they’ve been on tv, not to make excuses for them. The reason they gave you that is probably that most women need a different bra size than they think. Most women wear the band too big and the cups too small. Pull a measuring tape around you under your breasts as absolutely tight as it will go. For a bigger person, this is your band size.

    Pretty sure Goddess now stops at 50, but Elila makes nice bras up to at least 54. Also you can still find larger Goddess bras online, try for example — they seem to have up to 56H in the Goddess Keira, a great bra. If you are sized out of a style by just one or two band sizes, you can buy a (cheap) bra extender to make it the right size. For people who can’t make it to great bra stores, lucky we have the Internet which is almost as good and sometimes better. Check out for good bra advice.

    • vesta44 permalink
      March 27, 2014 1:49 pm

      I’ve tried the Goddess Keira and it doesn’t fit me correctly. I’ve tried buying bras by every fitting guide that exists and none of them give me the correct size. I found my current Goddess bra by trial and error, and wouldn’t you know, the one bra that fits me, supports me, and is halfway comfortable gets discontinued 2 years after I found it (and after I’d bought at least 8 of them). It was a 52H, but now I need a 54 band, and I’m using those bra back extenders to enable me to continue wearing these discontinued bras (as well as having had to replace the wings on some of them). I’ve ordered 15 different styles/brands of bras in the last 3 years, in sizes ranging from 52H to 54G to 54H and none of them fit as well as that discontinued Goddess bra.
      I’m in the process of figuring out how to consolidate my computer desk with my sewing table so I’ll have room to move my sewing room downstairs (I’m just not up for multiple trips up and down a set of steep, narrow stairs every time I want to sew). If I can move my sewing room to the first floor, I can then use that old, discontinued Goddess bra, that I took apart, as a pattern, and I’ll make my own bras. I have 50 years of sewing experience, worked in 3 different garment factories, and have a sewing machine and a serger so I should be able to do it fairly easily and quickly.
      I just wish that Jockey made their new bras in a wider range of sizes – they’ve started making bras with cups that aren’t measured by inch difference between band and chest, but by volume – how much actual breast tissue you have and how big a cup it will fill. Revolutionary, I’d say, but it’s not for women like me, who have the rack of doom from hell.

    • March 29, 2014 12:38 pm

      Am I missing something here? How will I get a comfortable fit by measuring “as tight as it will go”? Doesn’t that just mean I’ll end up with a band size that hurts like Hell at the end of an average day?

      • M. LaBelle permalink
        March 29, 2014 6:38 pm

        No. The band of a bra has to be tight/snug, and the bigger the boobs, the tighter it has to be. Most women wear their bands too big and cups too small, because those are the sizes you can find in big stores, but this supports you less well and still feels uncomfortably tight because the cup is too small. When the cup is actually big enough, the band will still feel firm but not uncomfortably tight and your boobs will no longer be squished. Most women after they fit themselves or are professionally fitted go down several band sizes and up several cup sizes. For instance, I went from a 40B to a 36FF — that’s a 36 with 5Ds after it. My breasts are average-large.

  4. March 27, 2014 3:24 pm

    It doesn’t surprise me that Lifetime, with their tagline about “Real Women” means only Real Thin Women. Ugh. I’m so glad I got rid of TV.
    I wish I had something to suggest. I used to hate my modest size bust, but fortunately, I had an epiphany before I went and got them enlarged as I was planning to do at eighteen. I can grab a bra off the rack (pun not intended) and go with it. I’ve heard from other women with large breasts that finding a bra that really fits is a costly and frustrating venture.

  5. Oxymoronictonic permalink
    March 29, 2014 4:22 am

    I wish we could both take a trip to their shop! I’d love to get some bras made just for me. Bra shopping is an endeavour which lasts hours and is not always successful.

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