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Facing down my belly dance challenge

May 9, 2014

My Boring-Ass Life

It’s been about a month since I publicly stated that I was going to participate in Andalee’s 90 day challenge through Belly Dance At Any Size. I modified the parameters knowing that 1) the end of the semester was looming and 2) my body can be unpredictable.

So… how did it go?

Well… sporadic. I started out pretty well, for about a week and a half. Part of that was because I had two separate haflas, two Saturdays in a row. I dance American Tribal Style® (ATS) belly dance with Helix, my local student troupe, so I had rehearsals that kept me a bit more on track. So, there’s the positive part. We performed well, had fun, and raised money for the local animal shelter….go us!

Unfortunately, once we were done with the performances, I succumbed to a combination of “dammit, my pain meds aren’t helping me get through work and school well enough” and “OMG my semester is tryingCasey to eat me alive!” Once I realized that I let my schedule and my body take over, I gave myself some leeway. My body isn’t always going to let me dance, and there are days where my hands and wrists hurt so much from writing and typing that even practicing with my finger cymbals would be excruciating.

The major leeway became a part of my end-of-the-semester self-care routine. I decided that in my study and writing breaks, I would seek out dance-related things. I “let” myself watch YouTube videos of some of my favorite dancers and troupes (like Fat Chance Belly Dance, Unmata, Irie Tribal Dance Company, or local-to-me Dayanisima). Or I would “air zill” around my office.

It feels a bit like I’m cheating, but these little things helped me feel more connected to my chosen art without making my brain implode from too many obligations.

How about other folks who are doing the dance challenge?

Casey Sig

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  1. May 9, 2014 10:48 am

    I made it through the first day, then lost sight of it. I thought about it a few times, but I didn’t make it a priority, so I need to reconsider doing it another time. Loved the vid and your fundraising efforts. 🙂

  2. May 10, 2014 12:03 pm

    At least you’re doing something! I think most people have sort of fallen off the wagon and there are very few of us still participating. I’m doing it, but mostly because I have to…If I was just doing it on my own accord there would still be no way I’d get through it. Last week was hard because it was my first big flare up in a while and my plantar fasciitis flared too. Now, I have a big Hafla to prepare for so there is no rest for the weary. However, I plan on ratcheting down and just doing a couple of five minute days to give my body a rest.

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