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Emme’s Fashion Emergency Response

October 22, 2014

Fat Fashion

I came across this article on Emme recently in People. When I was a 90s teenager, Emme was my first exposure to the idea of plus-size modeling. Prior to her, Cindy Crawford epitomized modeling to me. These days, outlets like Instagram make anyone a model. A fashion blogger provides more relevant content than Seventeen does. What good is seeing what the cool prom dresses are when none of them will fit your body? Then again, I skipped all things dance.

There were two pieces of news I took away from the article. First, Emme will be getting back into the clothing line business. She’s doing a market survey here if you have any suggestions. Personally, I like writing to companies whose products I purchase or want to purchase because it gives them a chance to maintain or obtain my business.


Emme to the rescue!

She put an emphasis on activewear, specifically pointing out the paradox of people wanting fat people to exercise but not having a lot of options as far as clothing is concerned and she specifically called out Lululemon. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I buy from them, even if they did offer plus sizes because I don’t like the CEO. And even if I sprang for a pair of Lane Bryant yoga pants, I could get two of them for the price of one from Lulu’s.

I can’t say I feel inferior wearing an Old Navy jacket or Kohl’s pants either. Fabletics is a company I’m still up in the air about. At launch, they only went up to size 12, but in response to a letter I wrote I learned they were going to expand. Now they’re up to a size 20, which looks like it’ll fit my size 22 measurements, but I still haven’t found an outfit I want to try.

I also have a collection of Woman Within leggings that I wear with my Lands’ End SwimMinis. Yes, I skate in swimwear. It’s all spandex at the end of the day. So while I’ve got plenty of options to outfit myself, I’m always up for trying more. Having a plus-sized clothing company helmed by a plus-sized woman should eliminate issues like strappy tank tops with built in bras that are useless and expose way more of my bra than I am comfortable with.

The second bit of news I found cool was her partnership with Syracuse to encourage more designers to tap the plus-sized market. I really like the donation of plus-sized dress forms because simply scaling up a size 2 only goes so far. Getting someone used to designing on a variety of forms when their livelihood isn’t at stake is going to increase the odds of them doing so when it is at stake because they’ll have the knowledge and experience to succeed. The more options available, the better it is for all.

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  1. October 22, 2014 2:58 pm

    I’ve been a bit leery of Emme because of her work as a spokesperson for the Rudd Center (essentially saying that it’s ok to be fat but not too fat unless you are actively trying to be less fat). I’m hoping that the activewear thing is a step in a good direction!

    • gingeroid permalink
      October 24, 2014 9:36 pm

      I’m all for more options. If it’s being sold as, “Wear this to get thin!” I won’t be buying but I wouldn’t begrudge someone else for doing so.

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