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There Goes Honey Boo Boo…

October 27, 2014

As of this post, TLC has canceled their popular reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, after alleged accusations that June, the mother of Honey Boo Boo (a.k.a. Alana Thompson), who recently separated from her husband Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, is dating a convicted child sex offender. TLC had a whole new season in the can but decided to eat the financial loss, and said they will continue to provide support to Honey Boo Boo and her siblings.

The story is getting a lot of attention online and so far I haven’t delved into any comment sections, knowing full well there will probably be a bastion of fat hate directed at the family, which has gone on since the show began.

Not only were the Thompsons criticized for not being ashamed of their weight, they were bashed for what they said and how they said it. They were also accused of  perpetuating the Southern redneck stereotype and exploiting Honey Boo Boo because she competed in child beauty pageants, the latter being valid criticisms. Another backlash was leveled against June in 2012 after it was revealed she gave Alana a mixture of Mountain Dew and Red Bull, nicknamed “go-go juice,” to keep her daughter’s energy up during pageant competitions.

Those minor controversies aside, the show and the family have a lot of supporters, glad to see people on a reality show that aren’t so pretty and polished and aren’t living in the lap of luxury (which obviously changed after the show took off). The Thompsons look like a family that could be your neighbors, your friends, your relatives.

But will this latest development threaten to drive away what support the family have? If June is in fact dating a child sex offender and possibly knowing what he did while being a mom to young girls, that is an unforgivable act to many, many people.  The fact that TLC, a network which celebrates and revels in their dysfunctional “celebrealities,” canceled their show and wants to distance themselves from the drama to cover their behinds, is sending a pretty clear message about what lines can and can’t be crossed on their programs.

While I don’t condone what June Thompson is doing by any means if the allegations are true, I just hope that this doesn’t turn into yet another opportunity for fat-shaming.People can make terrible choices about who they choose to date and how they choose to parent, regardless of size.

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  1. vesta44 permalink
    October 27, 2014 12:34 pm

    What I find reprehensible is the fact that now the media is all up in arms about these exploitative “reality” TV shows. Where were they when “Toddlers and Tiaras” started being aired? Where were they when TLC thought it would be a good idea to spin off a show about a fat single mother with a fat daughter who participates in these child “beauty pageants” and has the nerve to think that fat daughter might actually win one of them?
    As for TLC saying they’re still going to provide support for June’s kids, my comment to that is “Yeah, right. How much support did you give them while you were exploiting them? How much did you care that there was a nation of people watching this show, most of whom were making fun of the whole family? How much did you care that every damned article about them had more fat-phobic hating comments on it than it had supportive comments? How much did you care that those kids knew this? Your “commitment” to making sure these kids aren’t damaged by this rings pretty damned hollow to me.”
    I don’t watch a lot of television, and I’ve never seen most of the “reality” TV shows that exploit the differences between the people on those shows and what society considers “normal” or “acceptable” and I have no intention of starting – I’m not going to give my support to that kind of programming. Sadly, there are all too many people who are ready and willing to throw away hours of their lives watching this crap. And as long as those people are watching, TLC, and all the other channels who produce this shit, will continue to produce it.

  2. October 27, 2014 2:12 pm

    People can make terrible choices about who they choose to date and how they choose to parent, regardless of size.

    They can AND do. Sadly, this will likely be turned into an opportunity to further the “fat and stupid” stereotype. Just because someone is fat does not automatically make their actions stupid. Plenty of people of all sizes do plenty of stupid things every day. *smh*

  3. Dizzyd permalink
    October 31, 2014 3:28 pm

    Unfortunately, I think these shows cater to the “lowest common denominator”: the type of individuals who see “concern trolling” and “armchair quarterbacking” about how effed-up everyone else’s lives are in order to make themselves feel better as a spectator sport. In other words, these shows attract – and cater specifically to – the same kind of low-life individuals who have nothing better to do than to go on sites and make nasty comments about all those they deem “less than” (as if you could get any “less than” these idiots!). You know, the same guys who made “The Biggest Loser” such a hit.

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