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Hail Mary —

January 1, 2015

Happy New Year, everybody. I hope you had a wonderful welcome into 2015 and that this year is more peaceful and prosperous for everyone.

As for me and mine, I’m spending New Year’s Morning curled up in bed with family and nursing myself and Lottie back from the Cough from Hell (Veronica and Linny have gotten through unscathed, thankfully). For over two weeks, we’ve endured this stubborn, croupy cough that is worst when you’re trying to fall asleep, because why the hell not.

With 10 days left in our fundraiser, I wanted to give you all more information on why we’re raising money for a new site. We’ve raised 37% of our goal and I know that part of the current level of giving may be the timing of the fundraiser. I had planned to start earlier in December, but we had some last minute changes to process, which put us behind a week.

My hope is that during these first 10 days of 2015, we can get a second wind that pushes us to our goal. So why do we need a new site?

Aside from my hopes that we can finally pay our bloggers, there’s a lot of stylistic things that I’d like to fix so that the rich content archive we have can be easier navigated.

Of course, there’s the infamous “noodling” comments section:

But most intriguingly, Jean Braithwaite proposed database of fat shaming doctors and creating a campaign or organization to hold them accountable. With a new site, we could build such a database into the very fabric of Fierce Fatties and make it freely available to everyone who wants to do something about disrespectful medical professionals.

I’m also planning on doing some more in-depth subjects in the near future; for example, I’ve also been performing a roundtable behind the scenes with some of your favorite Health at Every Size® (HAES) experts. I plan to share their responses on some of the questions I raised in my review of Body Respect, particularly when it comes to the relationship between personal lifestyle choices and the social determinants of health (SDH).

I’ve also spoken to two world-renowned experts on the SDH who are willing to let me interview them after the holiday. They aren’t familiar with HAES, so it will be fascinating to get their perspective on issues of weight and health from the other side of the microscope.

Finally, I’m still trying to assemble a roundtable of people affected by the SDH to get an idea of how HAES advocates can better support the marginalized and disempowered.

I have some pie-in-the-sky ideas as well, like a billboard for people to post fundraisers of their own or share information about fat-friendly companies they recommend. I see Fierce Fatties as having the potential to provide an invaluable resource for the next generation of activists and thinkers, but this current format just isn’t going to cut it much longer.

If we raise just $1,265 more, we will have a vast, blank canvas to imagine the future of fat activism together. If 253 people donate $5 each over the next 10 days, we’ll reach our goal. Period.

I know that Fierce Fatties has meant so much to so many, and we’ve always been here fighting the good fight without asking anything in return. Well, now we’re asking, pleading, for you to support this blog to ensure a vibrant future of content, resources and community.

Be sure to check out our new perks, including private coaching sessions with Lindsey Averill and Tiana Dodson, as well as a HAES-based workplace wellness programme in the UK with Angela Meadows. Also up for grabs, autographed copies of Fat Girls Rule! by Lara Frater, The Strange History of Suzanne LaFleshe by Susan Koppelman, and Hot & Heavy by Virgie Tovar, as well as digital copies of Fat Kids by Rebecca Jane Weinstein.

And if you’ve already donate or can’t afford to donate, please spread the word and help us reach our goal by January 10. Infinite thanks to everyone has donated!

New Fundraiser Big

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  1. January 2, 2015 1:32 am

    Happy New Year to you, too. Sadly, my job went kaput on 12/26. It may be a while before I can donate anything. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, however. If that helps.

  2. fab@57 permalink
    January 2, 2015 12:57 pm

    After I made my $25 donation, it said the total was $770! 😀

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