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Dances with Fat

Sunshine After Rain —
November 23, 2010 – September 8, 2011

Desperately Seeking Standards
I’m promoting obesity booga booga
HAES and Disease
The Same Team
Fat Girl Anthem
Accepting “Acceptance”?
My 61 Pound Hero
Don’t Settle on My Account
CNN Says Goodbye to Basic Math Skills
Of Course He’s an Athlete
Diabesity BSity
Never Wrestle with a Pig
Big Fat Quitter
Riding on Planes with Fat People
She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Body
Isn’t Health at Every Size Just Justifying Being Fat?
Fat Bodies, Self-Esteem, and Blatant Hypocrisy
Health is not just for Hardcore Athletes
But Your Fat Will Catch Up With You!
Angry Fat Girl?
The Other F Word
Do Fatties Lack Personal Responsibility?
Does This Make Sense?
Should Fatties Pay More for Health Insurance?
Inspiration Penguin
How Does Obesity Cost the Workplace 73 Billion Dollars?
“Real” Women Don’t Necessarily Have Curves
Just Too Fat?
Superficial Self-Esteem
Do You Need to Eat That?
Hello FFF World
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