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The Fat Activist

End of an Era —
February 23, 2010 — October 21, 2011

Fat or crazy?

RandomDani BBW Pinups!

Monday spry, friday fatigue.

Would you hire me?

A simple answer to a complex question.

Pet weight loss…really?

Working harder for the win.

Unintentional diet.

The big bad “D” word.

Euphemism for “hungry forever.”

Those first few pounds lost.

We need your feedback for FFF 2.0!

In the new year, be good to yourself.

My letter to Santa.

Opposing opinions, Obesity Panacea blog.

I prefer a body diversity perspective.

Sneaky statistics

Thoughts on triggered eating…stress related and disordered.\

Maybe the CDC finally has a clue.

Another look at the Maura Kelly debacle.

Gigantic, “Kiss my beautiful fat ass.”

This fattie likes to party.

Struggling with the body positive.

The Tenets of Fat Acceptance.

Food insecurity, a personal story.

Jeffrey M. Friedman is my fat science hero!

Too fat for a cheap electric bike.

Dropout rate of weight loss programs.

Poems, “Funny expectations…” and “Beauty”

“Largesse” a stageplay

Reconstructed clothing… new from old.

Reclaiming the word FAT.

Love for the fatshionistas!

Energy in/energy out argument.

Should we say “no weight loss evangelism” for FFFFeed?

Fat doesn’t deserve blame.

The money in fat.

Guerrilla activism.

TMI…I need some love.

Fatsplotation…what do YOU think?

Is fat behavior or biology?

The war against Fast Food…Bullsh*t?

Food Party, Mirror Diet episode.

Fat Podcaster Seeking Donations…

If you don’t want to be political… then don’t!

Feederism is a sexual fetish.

New FA Podcast : Two Whole Cakes Fatcast

Research (Blog Post) Roundup

Excited me! (with a dash of pride)

Confirmation Bias and Celebrity Weight.

Gavin and Stacy, Season 2 on BBC America!

A reason for my fat.

The punchline.

UCLA Gender and Body Size Videos

Activist are Angry.

Weight Distribution Curve

Results not typical.

Twisted Body Positive Affirmations.

Etiology (aetiology) means cause.

Thin is not my enemy.

Naked and Sweaty, but not in a good way.

Not down with the “nanny state.”

Dieting Lifestyle.

Just because I’m fat doesn’t mean I’m going to have sex with you.

Make the movement your own

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